Hawaii’s One-Stop Rental Shop

In the five years that Hawaii Photo Rental has been in business, the unique Kaimuki company has grown its state-of-the-art inventory from $80,000 worth of goods to about $2 million.

From its barely 500-square-foot store on Waialae Avenue, owner Josh Strickland and his team have established the company as the place to rent the latest …Read more…

‘Hawaii Five-0′ is Searching for Locations

Even though production on the next season of Hawaii Five-0 doesn’t start until July, the location scout team is currently looking for new locations, including houses, restaurants, storefronts, schools, and more. Read more here, and if you are interested in seeing your location on screen, email Five.o.locations@gmail.com.

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The Big Island: What’s Next for Hawaii County?

By T. Ilihia Gionson, Acting Big Island Film Commissioner

From daredevils kayaking down East Hawaii waterfalls in Brazil’s Planeta Extremo, to episodes of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and the History Channel’s American Jungle, over 60 projects filmed on Hawaii Island in 2013, bringing in $3 million. Hawaii Island is looking forward to growing our film industry …Read more…

They’re Back! Hear Them Roar!

By Art Umezu, Kauai Film Commissioner

The big film buzz on the Garden Island in 2013 was the fourth installment of Jurassic Park, which had news media reporting that production would take place on Oahu and Kauai that year.

By mid-April, the news was squashed because the production was delaying filming until the movie’s new …Read more…

Surf’s Up! ‘Point Break’ Remake Films at Jaws, Maui

Cowabunga, dude!

The legendary Maui big wave surf spot known as Jaws—‘Peahi’ in Hawaiian—was the star of a spectacular shoot in January for the remake of the feature film Point Break, where near-perfect 50- to 60-foot waves broke consistently.

Crew films ‘Point Break’ on Maui. Photo by Bryan Berkowitz

The original Point Break, shot …Read more…

Marketing Efforts Generate Industry Awareness, Interest and Work

Hot on the heels of the passage of Hawaii’s enhanced Production Tax Credit, the Honolulu Film Office set in motion an aggressive marketing plan to build awareness of Oahu as a premier film location with an improved rebate program. Interest has been strong with some immediate results.

The enhancements to the Production Tax Credit included …Read more…